New art

We’ve added new art to our Media section! Also, we would like to thank all followers who help us spread the word about the game and take the time to tweet their feedback. It has..

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About the game
Meet Joseph. Let’s be frank, Joseph is not the most cheerful fellow. And he’s working for a company. Yes, a company. To tell you the truth, we suspect that he might not even remember what the company does anymore. But he’s there every morning, queueing to clock in. Oh, and it seems he’s been having trouble with sleeping lately. In fact, there are nights when he can’t sleep at all. There are also days when he considers visiting that Transmigration Clinic they’ve opened nearby...

- no 3d environments
- no upgradable weapons
- no revolutionary combat AI
- no combat
- no destructible terrain
- no crouching
- no running
- are you still here?
- lots of rain
- engaging, story-driven experience

Mac OS X, Windows. After releasing the game for these operating systems we will consider porting it to other platforms.

Release date
When it's done. The current plan is to release Act I in 2015.